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Business Insurance Claims in West Chester County

When your commercial property sustains damage from unexpected storms, fires, flooding, and other unfortunate events, your first priority is to recover payments from your insurance provider. But your insurance provider’s priorities likely are misaligned with your business’s — their goal is to pay you as little as possible without breaking the law.

At Steven Borenstein Public Adjusters, our goal is to get you the largest, fairest claim payment that you are entitled to according to your specific policy and the circumstances surrounding the property damage. Continue reading for more information about what we can do for your business regarding commercial insurance claims.

Different Types of Commercial Property Damage

The process of filing a commercial insurance claim for payments to cover property damage is a lengthy one, and there are many different ways that damage can occur. Reach out to us for help with insurance claims for your business anywhere near the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Nassau County, Suffolk County, West Chester County, Hewlett, Laurelton, Rosedale, and Elmont.

Storm Damage

Storm damage insurance claims are typically filed after a powerful storm causes damage to a commercial property. Severe weather has the potential to knock over large trees, damage power lines, break windows, and potentially cause even worse damage to the structure of your commercial property. Call us for informed guidance throughout the process of filing a commercial insurance claim for storm damage.

Flood Damage

Flood damage insurance claims are often filed following a severe storm, but there are many other potential causes of flooding. A ruptured dam, for example, can result in flooding that causes catastrophic damage to your property. Moreover, snow or ice that melts too quickly can even cause flood damage. Contact us for help filing a commercial insurance claim for flood damage.

Fire Damage

Fire & smoke damage insurance claims are very tricky in nature because it can be quite difficult to determine who or what is responsible for causing the fire. With the help of Steven Borenstein Public Adjusters, you can rest assured that the responsible parties will be held liable and you will get the claim payment that you are entitled to according to the specifications of your policy.

Faulty Plumbing Damage

When filing broken pipe insurance claims, the insurance companies will do everything they can to put the blame on you or your property manager. Legally speaking, insurance providers aren’t obligated to make claim payments in cases where the property and its various utilities were not properly maintained leading up to the event that caused the damage. We can help you with commercial insurance claims regarding pipe damage, and our main goal is to always make sure insurance providers don’t get their facts wrong.

Our Service Areas

We can help commercial property owners who work in the following communities with the process of filing for insurance claims:

●      Bronx

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●      Queens

●      Manhattan

●      West Chester County

●      Nassau County

●      Suffolk County

●      Laurelton

●      Hewlett

●      Rosedale

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