We were devasted when our house flooded, and we lost all of our belongings. We didn’t even know where to begin to start the process of rebuilding. As luck would have it, a friend heard our story and recommended that we contact Steven Borenstein. We finally settled with the insurance company and are putting our life back together thanks to Steve. He answered his phone on the first ring each time I called him with a question. He compassionately held our hand through every step and made sure that we were taken care of in a timely manner. We are so genuinely appreciative of Steve and recommend him unconditionally.

Jess M.

We had a fire it was devastating my mom and I were lost and confused. We called Stev Borenstein best call we ever made. He assured us not to worry he would take care of everything. He arrived at 9am talked to my mother for 4 hours and put everything into motion. He had a team come in to remove debris and clean the house. He got us an awesome settlement he is a man of his word he said he would take care of everything and he did the best phone call we ever made I would recommend him in a heart beat.

Brian S

On New years eve my family was devastated by a house fire. Not only did we lose everything we owned, we also loss a pet, her name was Bea. During that time I was inundated with so many phone calls. However, one phone call stood out, “Steven Borenstein.” Mr. Borenstein is a class act. He told me I didn’t have to hire him, but gave me advice freely and even though I called several time to ask question, he helped before he was hired. After being hired, Mr. borenstein worked with me and my family day by day until we were settled in hotel. And Mr. Borenstein also recommended a Good contractor. We are close to going home soon. I would recommend him to anyone.

Susan G

This past summer, lightning hit a tree in front of our home. The tree came crashing through our roof and landed in our bedroom. The debris and rain from the storm damaged the exterior of our home, interior of our home and contents in our home. It was awful. We were fortunate that nobody was injured or killed. We were also fortunate to get an introduction to Steven Borenstein. We made the call to Steven and he came to our home right away to assess the damage. With a calm voice and soothing manner, Mr. Borenstein assured us that he would do his very best to get the results when handling our claim with the Insurance company. Steven Borenstein made a promise and delivered. Our home is back to normal and we were very satisfied with the final result. I am proud to recommend Steven Borenstein to the family, friends, acquaintances and right here on this page!

Andrew L