When Disaster Strikes, We’re Here to Help.

Our Public Adjusters are committed to handling your Insurance Claims,
so your life will return to normal as soon as possible.

You Don't Need to Face Disaster Alone.

If you have a broken pipes or a pipe that burst, our licensed Public Adjusters will evaluate your policy and provide you expertise for your specific claim.

We Treat Every Single Claim As A Top Priority.

Protect damage to your property as a result of water damage.
Our team has years of experience and work on your behalf with your insurance claim.

Get Your Life Back On Track Today!

The aftermath of a fire can be devastating.
Our Public Adjusters will advocate for you and your family.

We Only Have Your Best Interests In Mind.

When your commercial Property sustains damage from unexpected Storms, fires, flooding, our experienced Public Adjusters will get you the largest, fairest claim payment that you are entitled to.

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What We Do and Why We Do It

Nassau County’s Most Reliable Insurance Claims Adjusters

At Steven Borenstein Public Adjusters, we are a team of insurance claims adjusters who share a common interest with our clients; our goal is to make sure our community receives fair payments for insurance claims they file following disasters that result in property damage.

We handle cases throughout New York, and New Jersey near the following communities:

  • Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Manhattan
  • Rosedale
  • Elmont
  • Nassau County
  • Suffolk County
  • West Chester County
  • Hewlett
  • Laurelton

Types of Insurance Claims We Handle

Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Severe storms can cause catastrophic damage to your home, and when they do, it is absolutely vital to recover a fair claim payment from your insurance provider — that’s where we come in. When inclement weather results in flooding, roof damage, broken windows, electrical problems, or even worse issues, our team of public insurance claims adjusters gets to work poring over the details of your insurance policy and the circumstances of the claim.

Flood Damage Insurance Claims

Flash floods are an unwelcome disaster that are equally unexpected by most who suffer the consequences of their damage. Having water inside your home creates a dangerous, unsanitary environment for you and your family to live in. When flooding occurs unexpectedly, Steven Borenstein Public Adjusters can help you quickly recover the best possible claim payment from your insurance provider.

Fire & Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

If your home or business recently sustained damage from a devastating fire, and your insurance provider is not providing a fair claim payment, you can contact us to help you obtain the settlement you need to start picking up the pieces. It’s important not to re-enter the fire-damaged building until after an inspector has determined that doing so is safe. Once you can enter the building to recover your personal belongings, be sure not to throw anything away! Fire-damaged items must be inspected to properly determine the cause of the fire and circumstances of the entire event.

Broken Pipe Insurance Claims

Many insurance companies will do everything they can to put the blame on the homeowner or business owner in the case of a burst pipe causing water damage to property. This is because most insurance companies do not cover damage that results from poor property maintenance. Our insurance claim adjusters will inspect the damage and relevant documentation to definitively determine who is responsible for damage that results from broken pipes.

Homeowner Insurance Claims

When your home sustains unexpected damage, your first reaction is likely to file an insurance claim to recover some of the money you’ve been paying your provider over the years. The insurance company’s goal is always to pay you as little money as legally permissible. But by hiring our trusted team of public insurance claims adjusters, you get the help of an independent party that’s looking out for you, not the insurance company’s bottom line.

Commercial Insurance Claims

If your commercial property is hit with damages that you are unprepared for, you need the help of our insurance claims adjusters in order to recover a fair payment. Whether you are dealing with lost or damaged inventory, business interruption, or you are in need of facility or equipment restoration, you can count on Steve Borenstein Public Adjusters to advocate on your behalf for fair insurance payments.

Proudly Serving Our Neighboring Communities

Let us know if you need the help of a team of seasoned insurance claims adjusters near any of the following communities:

●      Bronx

●      Brooklyn

●      Queens

●      Manhattan

●      Nassau County

●      Suffolk County

●      West Chester County

●      Hewlett

●      Laurelton

●      Rosedale

●      Elmont

●      And More!

Contact Steven Borenstein Public Adjusters today to learn more about what we can do for you!

We were devasted when our house flooded, and we lost all of our belongings. We didn't even know where to begin to start the process of rebuilding. As luck would have it, a friend heard our story and recommended that we contact Steven Borenstein. We finally settled with the insurance company and are putting our life back together thanks to Steve. He answered his phone on the first ring each time I called him with a question. He compassionately held our hand through every step and made sure that we were taken care of in a timely manner. We are so genuinely appreciative of Steve and recommend him unconditionally.

Jess M.

We had a fire it was devastating my mom and I were lost and confused. We called Stev Borenstein best call we ever made. He assured us not to worry he would take care of everything. He arrived at 9am talked to my mother for 4 hours and put everything into motion. He had a team come in to remove debris and clean the house. He got us an awesome settlement he is a man of his word he said he would take care of everything and he did the best phone call we ever made I would recommend him in a heart beat.

Brian S

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