How a Public Adjuster Can Help With a Flood Damage Claim

  • January 10, 2020
  • admin

Flood and water cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage to properties across the USA, especially during the fall and winter months. For flood damage insurance claims in West Chester, our team at Steven Borenstein Public Adjusters may be able to help speed up insurance payouts and fight against the denial of a settlement. This piece will discuss the leading causes of water damage and how we can help you to navigate through the claims process. Review the infographic below for a quick overview, and then continue reading below for more information:

Common Causes of Water Damage in Residential Properties 

Water damage can be caused by uncontrollable weather conditions or accidents within the home. Identifying the cause of any damage is vital to help you with your claims process. Some typical causes of water damages in the house that may be disputed by insurance companies include overflowing appliances, burst pipes, and weather-related issues.

Several issues can cause pressure build-up and weakened pipes, including backed-up toilets and drains, frozen pipes, and clogged garbage disposals. If you experience water damage because of a burst pipe, you should contact our team of public adjusters to file an insurance claim and receive fair compensation for your issues.

Weather conditions and natural disasters that lead to flooding are out of your control. Sudden storms and flash floods can lead to severe damage to the exterior of a property, causing significant water damage. Our expert team can help you to file a flood damage claim in Nassau County and nearby regions. By working closely with a public adjuster, you increase your chances of successfully being compensated for both exterior and interior property damage.

How Our Team of Public Adjusters Can Help With Water Damage Claims

The cost of water damage to your home can be overwhelming, but with the help of our team, you’ll receive accurate compensation for any damage to your property.

Are you dissatisfied with the results of a recent water damage claim? Do you feel like damages were not covered, or the offer was too low? We will thoroughly inspect and review your policy before we negotiate with your insurance company to receive a fair settlement.

Our team can assist you if:

– You are unsure of how to navigate your claims process.

– Your insurance company is slow to recover the funds for your damages.

– You require a professional advocate to speed up the remuneration process.

– You feel that your insurance company has undervalued your claim.

– Your insurance company has denied your claim.

For more information, contact the Steven Borenstein Public Adjusters team today.