Steven Borenstein Public Adjusters Fights For Your Claims

  • September 11, 2019
  • admin

At Steven Borenstein Public Adjusters, we dedicate our work to advocating for every single one of our clients. Our licensed public adjusters are highly trained and experienced to handle troublesome insurance companies. We understand the challenges that individuals face when filing insurance claims, which is why we offer our expert services to guide you through the process. Serving the state of New York, Steven Borenstein Public Adjusters promises to fight for you and get the compensation you deserve.

What Is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is a licensed insurance professional that handles insurance claims on behalf of a policyholder, the individual making a claim. In simpler terms, a public adjuster vouches for the public by adjusting insurance claims, all for the sake of benefitting the client. Aside from attorneys in the state of New York, licensed public adjusters can legally represent the rights of the insured during a first-party insurance claim case.


The policyholder directly hires a public adjuster, who in turn guides policyholders through the process of appraising and negotiating a claim. At Steven Borenstein Public Adjusters, our team understands the pressure and strain of handling an insurance claim, and our professional public adjusters are devoted to properly managing your claim and accomplishing the rightful compensation you’re entitled to.

Committed Public Adjusters

Steven Borenstein Public Adjusters assists with various insurance claims regarding damage caused by fires, water, storms, and burst pipes. We understand that unfortunately, disasters can and do happen. It can be tough to recuperate from incidents like these, and dealing with insurance claims can be an additional stress. Let our team of public adjusters do the heavy lifting and properly handle your insurance claims.

The Process

When you hire a public adjuster from Steven Borenstein Public Adjusters, we will thoroughly examine your insurance policy and inspect the damage done to your property. Our staff personally reviews the damage with clients and prepares photos and paperwork as well. We then provide estimates for the cost of repairs and replacements. From there, the public adjuster begins the negotiation process with your insurance company.

Highly Trusted Staff

Steven Borenstein Public Adjusters recognizes the responsibility we adopt when taking on your insurance claim. There can be a lot at stake when managing your claim, but our public adjusters have extensive experience in the field. We promise to fight for your claim and achieve the justice you deserve.


To learn more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Steven Borenstein Public Adjusters today.