Why Hire a Public Adjuster to Handle Your Fire Damage Claim?

  • September 11, 2019
  • admin

Here at Steven Borenstein Public Adjusters, we work closely with victims of fire damage so that they receive adequate funds to help them recover from their losses. Fire damage can occur at any moment as a result of an accident, electrical fault, or due to many other causes. While safety is the primary priority when a fire occurs, so is efficient and speedy recovery from any damage caused by the fire.

Below are several benefits of working with a public adjuster to manage your insurance claim.


Managing a fire damage claim can quickly become a full-time task. Working with a public adjuster will help you to avoid hours of correspondence, reviews, and documentation. This means that you and your family can concentrate on regaining a sense of normalcy.


Insurance comes with plenty of fine print and paperwork. As public adjusters, we can help you to understand exactly how your policy works. We will also guide you through all the necessary steps to help you complete your claim.


Your insurer has no reason to believe that you would question or challenge an unjust settlement unless you have an expert on your team. By hiring a public adjuster, you are showing that you are 100% serious about your claim, as we will assist with the necessary steps if your claim is denied.


The combination of availability and expertise makes public adjusters well equipped to expedite the filing process of a claim. Sometimes insurance companies speak in technical jargon, and this can be difficult to understand. In these cases, some people need several attempts to complete the insurer’s requests. With a public adjuster on your team, this will not be the case.


Public adjusters are experts in their field, helping people file a claim that truly accounts for their damage and helps them move forward with their lives. Business and homeowner insurance settlements have been proven to be larger when a public adjuster is involved.

In a catastrophic event such as a house fire, the benefits of working with a public adjuster become apparent. With high volumes of caseloads, many insurance companies miss details and oversights as they process a claim. As professional loss adjusters, we make sure that nothing slips through the net, and ample compensation is received for all of our clients.

If you’ve experienced fire damage on your property, your very first step is to contact Steven Borenstein Public Adjusters. We can assess the damages and work closely with you to get the